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4Q  2017 Middle Market Indicator Reports 7.6% Revenue Growth

In the fourth quarter of 2017, middle market companies report accelerated revenue growth, moderate employment growth and peak levels of confidence. At 7.6%, year-over-year revenue growth remains strong while the 5.2% growth in employment is still well above the historical average of 3.9%. Confidence in local, national and global economies remain at peak levels.

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2017 Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Rankings:

PWC’s 2017 Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Rankings is a qualitative framework that looks at key countries and states within the U.S. to help provide aerospace companies with information to improve manufacturing supply chains, control costs, and plan for future growth. Ohio ranks sixth, faring particularly well in tax structure and infrastructure. Below is some additional information created by Team NEO’s research and marketing teams, highlighting data and strengths that you may consider injecting into conversations with companies in your communities.  

New York Times Features Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village:

Check out this feature article in the New York Times featuring the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village Project. It takes a great community to build a Village!

NY Times Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village

Manufacturing, Disney and Best Practices:

Made In Medina County is proud to welcome Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence, a professional development course taking place in Medina County on October 19. This all-day course will teach you five powerful business lessons developed by the Disney organization in its never-ending pursuit of excellence. Learn more here.


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